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ABOUT Gerzeny Landscape Services

Gerzeny Landscape Services was established in 2012 by Brandon Gerzeny when he was just 13 years old!  Brandon followed his Childhood passion of landscaping and has built his company into a well reputable business serving the Venice and Sarasota communities. They specialize in full-service yard maintenance programs for residential and commercial properties as well as landscaping projects.

Brandon Gerzeny, Landscape Installation and Maintenance

Brandon Gerzeny, Owner

My passion for landscaping started when I was just 3 years old watching the yard service take care of my families properties. I was fascinated with the machinery and the way things looked when the yard was done being taken care of. I loved the stripes in the mowed lawn, shaping of the bushes, sounds of the machines, flowering of the shrubs, mulch color to the red truck and trailer the crew would pull up in every single week. I would run from window to window in my families house to catch every angle possible of what the yard crew was doing with their machines. It wasn't until I was 6 years old and mobile that I started to go outside when the lawn service would arrive to service our property. I used to sit in their lunch circle and just become friends with them. Because of this I met my best friend Florentino. As I grew older Florentino made it his personal mission to make my fascination of this field become a reality. When he would arrive at my house he would teach me about all of the different plants in our yard. I woke up every Thursday morning just to get my lesson in with him when he came to the house. I had the time of my life on Thursdays because I would help them do my own yard and then follow them on my tractor to more of their jobs around my neighborhood just to spend more time and learn and have fun. Boy did that pay off! One day Florentino showed up with my very own Hazeltine Nurseries hat and tee shirt. I was now officially a part of his team!


After a few years of watching and learning I met my friend Doug who took care of my neighbors house next door. I was fascinated by him as well because I loved John Deere products and he had a John Deere lawn mower. He, too, took me under his wing and between him and Florentino I gained a wealth of knowledge in landscaping. In the summer of 2012 I started working with him on Friday mornings. He then encouraged me to go around the neighborhood and ask people if they needed their lawns done. A few people liked my price and service and I officially established Gerzeny Landscape Services!


I am now 8 years into the business and we have experienced tremendous growth! We have now branched out and started taking on both commercial and residential accounts. Our focus is on landscape planting, full service yard maintenance, troubleshooting problems with turf and ornamentals and how to treat them using best management practice knowledge. I gained most of my knowledge through my time working at Hazeltine Nurseries under Florentino and other management personnel, research done by UF, working with other trades in my field as well as self-teaching experiences. Most recently, I earned my Green Industries Best Management Practices Certification as a FL Friendly Landscaper through the University of Florida in 2020.


I currently run a maintenance crew as well as a landscape crew. My goal for this business in the next 5 years is to have several crews working for me with supervisors to oversee their work while I run my very own garden center and nursery that works for and supports the local community with a very well respected reputation of excellence and customer service. I want to be your one stop shop for all of your landscaping needs for both residential and commercial.

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